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Or maybe she’ll recreate “The Dating Game” in midshow and then tell you later, in all sincerity, how reality television’s declining standards of propriety are symptomatic of fundamental problems with modern courtship. Yi said recently, “from the ’70s version, where they’re saying weird stuff and innuendos, to now where they’re, like, in Jacuzzis and they’re making out on the first date and being real nasty.” But when it comes to her own love life, Ms.Yi prefers to talk about it in the abstract, or better yet not at all. “I think it’s just weird how other people are concerned, or how people want to ask about it.”Still, Ms.

As regards Michael Cera, it could mean anything from that he's a transvestite, to that the makeup person who prepared him for the interview thought that his lips were too pale. There were actually two levels to it - the fake on-screen romance that was 'real' for the documentary, and a pretend off-screen one as well. The young crowd often seems to me to almost ashamed of themselves. Cera, even though he was OK for the role, was self-effacing almost to the point of vanishing. What ever happened to great old manly characters like Cyan, several different Cids, Auron?

Either he's not or he doesn't want to be pigeonholed, and really who can blame him?

Why is it so necessary for people to know celebrity orientations? Lipstick isn't -- so far as I'm aware -- a gay accessory. While I doubt he's gay, the dude basically has almost no masculinity to him. I rather depsite the girl-boy look that's going around.

If it sounds like a potentially confusing project, Ms. “We’re not necessarily trying to fool anyone,” she said.

“There’s always going to be people who are like, ‘Why didn’t they just make it all documentary?

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  1. ’s other episodes — much like the original documentary — use real life stories to explore a larger issue about the sex work industry, the docu-series’ fifth episode is quiet and private as it tells one couple’s story.