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I spotted the Sheriff was Johnny Mack Brown, Richard Arlen, Buster Crab, Bob Steel who was a B movie star in his early days I did not spot that the love interest was Audrey Dalton, until the credits rolled, all in all a good film if a touch one paced.

And as sure as the clock ticked, Bounty Killer reeled off Wutless Bwoy "Mi nuh like weh a gwane.With anticipation high at the Errol Flynn Marina, Bounty Killer, dressed in his trademark black, walked to the stage after Ishawna, who was in contrasting white, had performed. In a thinly-veiled reference to Ishawna's song, Bounty Killer said he had heard some of the girls singing some songs before he entered the stage.He was in crossed, angry and miserable, and he made that clear from the outset, delivering Gal fi Get Wuk and Follow Mi Arrow, songs which speaks to the sexual prowess of Jamaican men. Ironically, Ishawna's last song before leaving the stage was Equal Rights.In a fair gunfight, he kills the man's son responsible for it all and when he runs, a warrant is issued and a price put on his head.Willie Duggans, a tenderfoot from the east, arrives in the wild west and soon experiences its violence.

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Five people have been killed because of Dieter Zurwehme, a convicted murderer who walked out of his open prison last December.

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