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Brown has since apologized to his fellow chart star for his remarks and Raz-B has now admitted his own remorse over the exchange.He tells, "I want to publicly apologize for my direct attacks done out of anger.Not to mention the many sources who saw their fights first hand on the set. Here's the highlights: On moving on without Stacey Dash who played her best friend on the show: Believe me I wish things had worked out because I thought Stacey and I were great together. You don't have to be 20 to be a she looks better than some in their twenties.. Furios I hope you have first information about the things you speak here. And a lot of that has to do with people being stupid (not protecting themselves) but some of that is people being dishonest on Down Low. Lisa was just smart with how she exposed a few people. You never see him with any girls that are not (beard models...Jessica White who "dated" John Legend and Kanye.... And he loves to USE women like Neyo as PROPS along with those other DL men in the Industry. It would be very disappointing to find out he's gay considering the tone of his music. There is someone I can name for you that was DEEP in it with Trey Song. With Nude Pics & A New Track» Idris Elba Co-Signs Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow' Over Rihanna First Look At Zazie Beetz’s Bad A** ‘Deadpool 2’ Character» Antonio Brown’s Son’s Mother Makes Deadbeat Daddy Claims, Says He Disrespects His Son! As for Duane Martin, there have been too many rumors for a long length of time. Lisa Raye is so beautiful, but she shows her D-list status as a celebrity everytime she speaks. Anyway, he didnt need a job from Will Smith, thats where you lost me... » Esperanza Spalding’s #Black Girl Magic Is Set To Takeover Harvard University The 'Updated' Beyonce Wax Figure Is STILL A Problem» Alleged 'Hostage' Joycelyn Savage Goes Off On Her Dad For Threatening R.Popular gossip Web site Bossip is making another gay accusation in the hip-hop community.The site is fueling rumors that Trey Songz, the Grammy-nominated singer who recently scored a hit with his suggestively-titled songs ‘Say Ahh’ and ‘I Invented Sex,’ is allegedly openly bisexual.Backstage, Trey Songz answered questions as he walked to our stage. Don't get me wrong I tried to Get up but my legs just wouldn't move. I'm tryna find the words to say And it's called the common spell?

Standing up for yourself does not mean yelling or victimizing others and I sincerely apologize for that. Let me explain Said it was on a rainy day Saw the sun when she looked my way She had such a pretty face Complemented by her style. (You...) Said I don't even know her name But that doesn't even mean that much to me. Damn, I'd give it all to go back again And maybe then you'll be here with me... I would go to the edge of the earth tryna get to you baby. Ain't no way that I'll ever give up, even if I go crazy. We can neither confirm nor disprove the rumor, however Bossip is adamant that their source “is very reliable and had full evidence to back up their claims.” In either event, Trey Songz’ third album ‘ Ready’ was released last year, and it’s pretty catchy.Khloé Kardashian is getting her groove back with an R&B singer.

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrapped up her 32nd birthday with a new man, "Slow Motion" crooner Trey Songz, sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly.

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