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During his time with American Idol, Castro toured the country with his cast mates, running from flight to flight, performing for screaming 'tweens.

The down-home, aw-shucks demeanor that made Castro a popular contestant shouldn't be mistaken for gullibility, and he isn't resting his reputation on fleeting reality-TV fame.

The first AI contestant to play a guitar and/or a ukulele on the show, Castro made it as far as third place before being bumped by the Davids (Cook, the winner, and Archuleta, the runner up).

The on-screen Chuck is often rumored to be dating Agent Sarah Walker aka Yvonne Strahovski in real life because of their closeness, but as far as they are concerned, they are not dating each other.

Double Vision was the seventh episode of the third season. She tries her best to stay away from him, but when she finds out he's psychic, too.

It originally aired on Disney Channel on December 17, 2004. They become friends and hug, however, Chelsea sees them and leaves in anger.

And though Castro is now out on his own in some respects, not sharing the stage with 11 other AI hopefuls, his appearances certainly gave him a leg up as well as a core audience: teens. If you remember me, you come check out the music and hopefully get turned on to the music not just because, as you said, of the novelty, but because it's music you like and can take with you for life." Taking Castro and his music on the road has no doubt been a beneficial experience for tour headliner Matt Hires.

"In most of the cities, we play a high school in the morning and through the lunch hour ... I play two or three songs and then hang out and take pictures and sign autographs," Castro said. Check him out.'" Giddy teens aside, there's little doubt people go to his shows to lay eyes on a TV star, but Castro, who is working on his debut CD, is sure the novelty soon turns to a genuine appreciation of his music. People may come to see Castro, but they hopefully stay to see Hires.

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Castro, 22, has recently had time to think about his blessings--and his upcoming debut album--riding in a van, supporting Atlantic Records label-mate Matt Hires on the State Lines Tour 2010 that will take them to more than 30 smallish venues (including Reef here in Boise on Thursday, Feb.

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