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Some might seem pretty obvious, but some, you may downright disagree with.Either way, there are real stories by real women about their biggest dating desires and frustrations. He should make me feel loved, wanted and appreciated while we are out on a date.I’m sure you could imagine my surprise when I woke up to three 2am texts, from him.Upon seeing his name on my phone, I jumped up thinking something was really wrong.

The truth is, God knows best the kind of man who will inspire me to greater devotion to Him.

You may be surprised by the type of person who is good for you and brings out your best.

There’s a country song that goes: “She’s not at all what I was looking for. Leave some room for a budding relationship to grow without the expectations that come later.

A friend once told me: “Expectations are stupid.” I think he meant that since we can’t control outcomes, expectations — particularly unreasonable ones — often lead to disappointment. After all, expectations can create a framework that helps you see if you’re wandering off course.

But when it comes to romantic relationships, too many expectations at the onset can be stifling.

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