Google desktop email gadget not updating backdating email

However, it is easier to check your e-mail on the desktop of your computer.The Google Gmail Gadget connects you to your e-mail account with just a click of the icon.There are millions of gadget nowadays like video gadgets, quiz gadget, 3D gadget, notepad gadget and many to name a few.As explained above gadget does essential things, things that have a great impact on our daily lives.“Wherever there are gadgets, RSS feed readers are never lacking, and Google Desktop gadgets are no exception.Until now, there hasn't been a good way to combine all your feeds into a single gadget.A gadget is kind of a sort of an app but unlike app that can perform lots of different things the gadget does few but essential things.There are a couple of gadgets that are available online.

If this is something you do not want, take a look at the options as your installing it.

The Pros Of Accessing Your E-Mail Through The Gadget The Google GMail Gadget gives you access to your GMail account on your desktop without involving a web browser or mobile app.

It's simple to use, but it could drain your battery as it runs in the background.

Sure the web browser still opens, but it’s fewer steps overall.

Starting out, you will need to download Google Desktop.

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If for some reason you miss the option to not install desktop search, you can turn this feature off in the settings.

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