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So here's some fun online tips, tricks and interesting sites that should keep you entertained for hours while stuck at work surfing all day. When taking control of the Cannon cameras, it gives a countdown anywhere from three minutes to thirty seconds for you to play. Also, if you aim the camera correctly (move it to far right and zoom in), there's an upstairs window where I watched a man prepare his breakfast and eat. it's like a little peak into the everyday life and routine of some random person somewhere I'll never meet. White Mountain (New Hampshire USA, I believe) - Beautiful view, especially this morning. Especially since he has no idea he's being watched... Click here to see the full list, or see below for some interesting ones I've stumbled across.Before we get to all of the many ways you can stream Super Bowl 49 between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks in Glendale, Arizona online, let's get NBC's estimated schedule out of the way first for Sunday, February 1st, 2015.

I like these cameras because they are motorized, and you can control them!The web version will have different Super Bowl commercials than the live TV broadcast, so the folks who usually tune in just for the ads will be disappointed.However, NBC will be uploading the ads to this Tumblr page immediately after they air.This compilation in no way lists every great site or activity on the web. At night you get to play security guard ;) See that guy walking by outside? WBU Feeder Cam - Watch birds eating from the comfort of your cubicle. Almost as fascinating as people, the birds have plenty of food but still fight over it. In contrast, if you bookmark those for later, before you go to bed you'll often see a nice sunrise wherever it is.Not only would that be impossible, but everyone's tastes are different. Google hacks to view and control webcams all over the world. The wonderful time-wasting world of online web comics. There's room for a poignant statement about the similarity in humanity here, but I'm going to let that pass by. If the view is moving, then some other net user is in control, looking around.

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Beat the end boss at the end of the internet already (boy, wasn't he tough! Want some ideas and fresh online activities to enjoy? Too many of us are locked away in cubicles, tethered behind desks... Beyond Bikes Store (San Diego, CA USA) - Take a peek inside this bicycle shop!

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