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At first glance, I usually assume they are Chinese, which leads to some funny conversations where I realize that I speak much better Chinese than them.Most guys will focus on the fact that they are more curvy, but what has stood out to me is how they are usually fun, energetic, friendly and easy going. A handful of my uber/taxi drivers have been Mongolian here also.The legendary folklores of Mongolian princesses and queens are still recited to the daughters in Mongolia.The nomadic life and rich history of the country has produced strong and independent minded modern women.But i have to reverse a year or two ago, I read the Naughty Nomad’s review of Ulaan Baator and at the time was highly disappointed Fast forward to when i accepted the position, I immediately thought of his article (Link Below) and i was hoping it wasn’t true, and that he had just had a fluke of a bad time.

Women Power Since the ancient times, the economy and religious structures in Mongolia gave women the kind of power and dominance that Europeans could only dream of.

My chinese isn't perfect, but sometimes I frequent Chinese websites that talk about UB.

It seems like there a general consensus about the strong xenophobia there and how local guys get violent about it.

There are only two people that matter in this country, Chinggis Kahn and Sukhbaatar, remember that. Traffic in UB is absolutely chaotic, throw in a few inches of snow and you have a living nightmare, it is surprising to see the shear amount of high priced cars rolling around as well as the lack of vehicular accidents, i’d say about 95% of cars don’t even have a dent in them. Usually you take it one lane at a time with cars, trucks and buses passing by at mere centimeters from you.

The first few day this really makes your adrenaline pumping.

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The domination of Mongolian women in the service industry goes back to several centuries.

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