Teenage dating in the 1970s

, the moving pieces all make it a less than appealing way to spend your evening.And yet traditional dates are held up as a romantic ideal, the kind the older generation desperately wants Millennials to learn (so much so that a Boston College professor ).

Carrie comes to mind (in which case, this fellow better not be planning any pranks). I have to believe the parents were friends, as there is no way these pairings took place naturally.As history shows us, dating didn't really exist before the 19th century, at least not in the United States.Back then, with the goal of finding their child a spouse that could physically help in maintaining the family home or bear children.Before the dance, before the date, there was always someone there snapping pictures – preserving the awkwardness and bad fashion sense for posterity.Let’s take a look at some of these photos, all taken from the early 1970s. Any guy can attest: spontaneous erections are no laughing matter.

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